Sponsors are the true lifeline of all fashion events. They provide financial assistance to the organizers with the kind of support that can come in the form of resources or money. As a fashion brand, THE K HANDMADE FAMILY FACTORY provides essential funds and support for fashion event organizers, which also gives us the opportunity to engage in a positive way with our target audience.


Providing sponsorship to fashion designers benefit both of sponsors and designers a lot. For designers, this sponsor help achieve your goal of elevating new emerging design talent and enriching economy with fresh new creative skills. For sponsor, this can increase brand awareness among a target audience of thousands, from which we can get logo placement on website, poster, and event screens, mentions on social media and mail outs, get tickets to fashion events and rights to use designer approved photos of this piece in advertisement and media.


Hosting a fashion show is a great way to raise funds for charity, debut a new line of fashion products or gain media exposure for fashion industry professionals. On the surface, a fashion show appears to be a social and enjoyable event. Behind the scenes, however, such events entail a great deal of work and expense. Knowing how to get fashion show sponsors can alleviate some of the financial burden. When it comes to how to find a sponsor for your fashion show, here are some tips offered by THE K HANDMADE FAMILY FACTORY:

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The first step is having a fashion show plan that is as concrete as possible. Know exactly how it will be, what your budgets will be, etc. It is unlikely that you’ll have every detail planned, but do a realistic budget which gives you an idea of how much sponsorship you need to raise. This is as much for your own sake as for the sponsor’s sake. It will give you the confidence to go out and know exactly how much you need to ask for.



Now that you have a plan for how to proceed it’s time to find the sponsor. A great place to start is to look at who is sponsoring your competitors’ shows. This is easiest because they already know how it works and realize the benefits since they already done sponsorship. In some cases one company will sponsor a number of shows and you can approach them. Since you are looking for a sponsorship for fashion collection, make sure you approach companies which is aligned to fashion and people who understands and promotes fashion.


Outline a solid event marketing plan. Even if you acquire adequate funding to pull off your fashion show, a strategic marketing plan is essential to attract an audience and make the event a success. Clearly outline all promotional strategies you intend to use, including email, article and social media marketing and any applicable television, radio or print ads you may run. Include the associated costs of each avenue of advertising you choose.



Approach sponsors with a clear proposal and make it as easy as possible for them to write you a cheque. Writing sponsor proposals is an art in itself. Write up a short but detailed summary of your company or the organization hosting the event. Include details about the fashion show and how sponsorship participation will benefit both parties. Include any incentives, like free pre-event promotion, media exposure and on-site sales potential. You should also include a formal proposal outlining your sponsorship package and a condensed version of your marketing plan. The sponsor package must meet the sponsoring organization’s own marketing objectives and set out the sponsor’ s obligations, which should also include metrics that will enable both parties to measure the results of the sponsorship. List the sponsorship requirements, which could include financial contributions toward costs or material contributions, and the cost, timeline and benefits to the sponsor for each package. THE K HANDMADE FAMILY FACTORY is always open for unique sponsor proposal and open for communication partnership.


Don’t take any company for granted. Every company that agrees to spend their money on your event will seek a beneficial return from it. Create a detailed report and send it across to your sponsors. It shows you are professional, serious about future events and can be relied on even if you decide to go for a different genre the next time around.


As a sponsor, THE K HANDMADE FAMILY FACTORY not only increase our brand power among target audience, but more importantly, we become a part of our on-going efforts to better the fashion circles and bring arts opportunities to those who most deserve it. Are you ready to achieve your goal of elevating new emerging design talent? We’re committed to offering our partners valuable and effective sponsor support, developed to fit your needs.