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Belt Prototype Making


Bring your designs to real with K SHOES FAMILY FACTORY Prototyping development. This step is the most important to develop a new belt collection before making a production order.


Our team will transfer your designs to physical prototype sample once all details confirmed, you can check the length, outlook and look into more details regarding your designs by physical samples before sales sample manufacturing.


The prototyping process is consist of material selection, hardware selection, development of custom moulds for metal , 2D pattern making, and creation of hardware elements and embellishments as required. As a belt manufacturer with decades of experience in this space, we will work with you from the initial idea to final product and beyond so you can focus on growing and expanding your brand.

Belt Protype Making Progress 1
Belt Protype Making Progress 2

Material selection is the basic for belt prototyping. Outlook of each belt style is depends on what material used. Material quality, texture and hand feel are all need to be taken into consideration.


K SHOES FAMILY FACTORY focus on hand-made high quality products for our clients. Every made-to-order belt made from K SHOES is built with the finest materials. We have full range of colors and textures for every type of belt to select, vegan leather, recycle leather, genuine leather, metallic leather, suede, special materials, exotic skins and fabrics in different quality, color and texture. K SHOW is also open to customized material, like print material with customer artwork, special texture leathers. Each hide and piece of material will be inspected by our workers before making on shoes to ensure its quality.

Belt Protype Making Progress 3

Hardware is the most important part for belt. Most of belt hardware is functional to control the fastening of belt and also used to adjust the size. Decoration hardware can also be added to belt. An eye-catching hardware could be the soul of a belt, it can improve the outlook of belt and also attract more people to buy it.


K SHOW is with full range of hardware shape and size available. It could be round, square, and other special shape. Hardware material could be metal, resin, wood and plastic. You can choose whatever you would like.


K SHOW is also open to customized hardware, and most customers will do customized hardware for their belts, s such as a metal brand buckle or some special elements could stand out the specialty of their brand. All we need is a hardware spec with overall shape, measurement for each part, such as width, length and thickness. We will make a 3D drawing to confirm the outlook and structure and then proceed making correct hardware mold once 3D drawing approved.

Belt Protype Making Progress 4

Pattern for belt making is the most simple one, since it is with less pattern pieces.


The pattern maker only need to measure the correct length and width of each part, then draw it on a paper and cut it into pattern pieces. Patten piece is essential during whole bag making process.


Initially , patterns are made in one size(Take M for example) for prototype only and then we can make it to be S or L for SMS and production once size M confirmed. It is important to say that only the size of every piece will vary, while the design will never change.


Prototype sample will be made after pattern finished. It is a trial sample for outlook, pattern and construction checking, Prototype sample could be made with available color in correct material quality.