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Shoe Care Guide

Shoe care guide

Take proper handmade shoe care to ensure the longevity of your shoes. K Shoes’ custom care tools and products are made with all-natural ingredients that nourish, restore and protect natural leather. Follow this shoe care guide, the K family factory helps your handmade shoes get the best maintaining.


Daily shoe care is far less time-consuming than it may sound and it delivers plenty of bang for your time buck. Daily care can go a long way towards keeping a great pair of kicks looking incredible—almost as if they had just emerged fresh from the shoebox—for years to come. The K Family Factory introduces you to the following essential tools for shoe daily care.

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A shoehorn allows you to easily slip on your shoes without damaging the shoe counter. The same is to increase the fun and comfort of wearing shoes. You can store one anywhere you might need to wear shoes.

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A soft brush can be used to remove any dust that may have settled since you last wore your shoes.Horsehair brushes are the most commonly used type, while suede shoes require special brush care.

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A pair of shoetrees helps to soften creasing and keep the shoes in optimum shape.Cedar shoetrees will also help eliminate odor and further wick away any residual moisture left in the shoes after a full day.

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A shoe bag will prevent any accumulation of dust or dirt, ensuring that your shoe is dust-free the next time you wear it. Proper shoe storage is vital to protecting shoes against accidental damage.


Shoes that lack daily care or walk in bad conditions tend to become very dirty, which requires more careful cleaning.The K family factory teaches you how to clean suede shoe and patent leather shoe.

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Patent leather shoes have a very strong finish and generally do not require much cleaning. However, the luster of patent leather shoes will begin to fade after long-term use. It only takes a few minutes to restore the original luster quickly and easily.

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Clean dust or dirt with a damp cloth. Take a damp (not wet) chamois and wipe away any dust or debris that has accumulated on the shoe.

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Apply the patent leather cleaner which is specially formulated for all patent leathers. Use the included chamois, and apply a thick layer to the entire shoe. Patent leather cleaner helps a pair of patent leather shoes with any scuffing or discoloration recolor and shine.

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Dry shoes with the patent leather cleaner for 3 to 5 minutes. Once the paint cleaner or shoe polish has been allowed to dry, a white film will cover the surface of the shoe.

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Clean off all the dry patent cleaner from shoe with a soft cloth. Until  the shoe working up a very high-gloss shine. Take on a new look from the end of patent shoe cleaning.


Suede shoe often gets dirty with everyday wear.Fortunately, suede shoe is very easy to maintain. With proper care, a good pair of shoes made with high-quality suede should be able to look great for decades.

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Look and inspect the suede if there is any kind of harder stains. Use a suede eraser to remove any dry or difficult stains. Try to rub the stains out using moderate to firm pressure.

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Shampoo and rub it in the suede shoes pretty vigorously. Take a horsehair brush to remove dirt and stains in both directions, then rinse the shoes with water.

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After drying the excess water with a cotton cloth, fill the insides of the shoes with newspaper to keep them in shape and let them dry overnight. You can also use a shoe last, but newspaper works better as it helps absorb any water from the shoe.

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Take a large horn-backed suede brush and with moderate to firm pressure just brush the suede out. The purpose of the re-brush is to make the suede leather that has collapsed after washing become fluffy again.

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Keep the suede protected using a weather protector spray. Spray the shoes at a distance of about 12 inches and then allow them 30 to 45 minutes to dry, and then you’re done.


Handmade leather shoes will become tarnished after being worn for a while. Simply applying a soft cotton or brush will only remove the stain and won’t bring back the shine. This requires the use of cream and wax to polish the upper.

Before applying any cream and wax, clean your shoes with a humidified cotton. And let them dry for at least 24 hours.

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Use a clean cloth to collect a small amount of cream or wax and apply to the upper of the shoe in a circular motion under light to moderate pressure.

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Allow the cream or wax to penetrate for at least 10–15 minutes before polishing. Brush the uppers with a horsehair polishing brush using brisk side-to-side motions with light pressure. Be sure to thoroughly brush any creases or folds in the uppers, so as to prevent the undesirable buildup of wax or cream over time. This cycle may be repeated as necessary to achieve the desired level of shine.

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The life of the upper leather will become more comfortable with age, but long-term neglect of the sole can cause irreparable damage.Check the condition of the leather outsole and heel regularly to ensure that the outsole is repaired in time.

They usually wear down themselves after a few months, but replacing them ensures the two major wear spots on your shoes—the toe where you push off and the corner of the heel where you foot initially hits the ground—stay intact.

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Taking care of our handmade shoes is a breeze, just a light touch of maintenance to maintain an effortlessly natural and classic look. Customized shoe care tools and products are more suitable for your shoes.The above guide produced by the K family factory will help you maintain your shoes.