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Every pair of handmade shoes from the initial design drawings to finished shoes, and even use to the end of life, need a lot of accessories. K shoes one-stop customized supply chain for you to reduce procurement trouble. You can design your own accessories with own logo, you can order any quantity as your needed

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Semi upper to achieve your creativity.

The upper is the part of the shoe or boot above the sole, which covers the sides and top of the foot.

Semi upper is a essential part of the shoe assembly process. It turns the shape of the vamp from the design drawings into reality, usually by cutting leather and fabric manually or mechanically.

K shoes with professional technology and experience of the technical personnel, the insertion, folding, assembly and suture of the vamp liner manual operation into semi-finished uppers.

K Shoes provides semi-finished uppers to complete your supply chain and help you assemble finished shoes.This will solve the problem of having to cut the fabric and leather again after you purchase it.

Unique semi-finished uppers are a creative way to differentiate your design from others. Innovative  shapes add to your design sense.


Heels add glamour to the lines of your design

The heel is the part of the sole that raises the rear of the shoe in relation to the front.The choice of heel style changes the look of your design.

K Shoes turns the imagination in your mind into reality and can also provide advice for your design, with years of shoe making experience.Your design will be more rational and achievable.

In addition to the type of heel you choose, the height of the heel also affects the comfort and fit of your shoes. K shoes get the results you expect through scientific calculations and physical testing.

The design of the heel makes the appearance of the shoes more distinctive. And, it is also the guarantee of comfort.

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Support and connect all components

This is the entire part of the shoe that sits below the wearer’s foot. As opposed to the upper. The upper and sole make up the whole of the shoe.

The exposed part of the sole that is contact with the ground. As with all parts of the shoe, outsoles are made from a variety of materials. The properties the outsole need are: grip, durability, and water resistance.

A mid-sole can be found on some shoes but is not always a requirement. The midsole is a layer between the in-sole and the outsole. Often seen in athletic styles to help offer extra suspension.

Aside from the existing common sole, there is still a lot of room for designers to explore the development of sole design.The customization of K shoes can be done.

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Enhance and style your design with unique hardware

Every shoe design has its characteristics. Color and form are the most common attributes that comes to mind but ornaments can bring an extra level of detail and sophistication and complement your design.

K Shoes wants to make your shoe design into a real product and naturally this includes the details. Starting with only an idea or having a complete artwork, made by hand or computer illustration software, you can bring your project to us.

K Shoes helps to create the accessory that will make your shoe stand out. Working with metal and plastics, K Shoes can prototype the ornament of your choice. Or, if you prefer, we can procure the ornament you want among our supply chain.

Made by experienced craftsman and modern 3D printing techniques, create your accessory is part of bringing your shoe design to life.

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Ideal harbor for shoes

The use of shoe boxes is recognition as an ideal way to store and org anise footwear at home, as well as in the shop. Shoe boxes are available in an incredible array of shapes and sizes, and they are made from a variety of materials, including corrugated and non-corrugated card, fabric and plastic.

Packaging is so much more than protection. It’s the first touch point for consumers and can add tremendous value through creative design and user experience. An innovative shoebox design creates a memorable unboxing experience that resonates with the customer and leaves a lasting impression.

Shoe boxes made by K shoes that have stable physical strength (to avoid crushing that could damage the shoes), colour fastness, chemical constituents and moisture absorption.


Convenient and practical partner for shoe protection

There are two primary categories of shoe storage, which are at home and while traveling. Proper shoe storage is vital to protecting your shoes against accumulating dust and accidental damage. Kshoes storage shoe bags provide maximum protection and ideal organization for your shoes.

Natural cotton allow shoe to breathe. Unlike bags made from synthetic materials, these cotton bags will allow your shoes to breathe preventing odor and mold.

Drawstring cotton bags will protect your shoes from dust and dirt and prevent scuffing. Protect your shoes while traveling; cinch the drawstring and place them in your luggage. Prevent dirty shoes from getting the rest of your clothes dirty and keep your shoes in place.

These high quality cotton bags are machine washable so you don’t have to worry about your bags getting dirty. Just toss this in the washing machine on cold, gentle cycle to minimize shrinkage and then hang to dry.

The logo customization of the shoe bag makes your shoes more specialized.

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Recycle Leatheris a green process technology, real leather tanning processes involves large amounts of water and electricity.

Our eco-friendly leather shoes are made from the sustainable recycle materials, through a process of smart recycling of natural leather fibers.

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2.Piñatexmaterials , it is a new materials, a new start.

Piñatex was developed as a natural based non-woven material that can be used as a sustainable alternative to consumers by offering a better choice for a better future. It is 100% ethical, vegan,e-co and sustainable. it is made from pineapple leaf fibre, which is a by product of the agriculture industry. No extra land, water or pesticides are required to produce the raw material.

Piñatex is a vegan product and no animal by-products are used in any stage of the production.

Piñatex is a versatile material which is strong, breathable, light and flexible and can be easily stitched, embossed and cut. Like any product.

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3.Microfibre leather

Microfiber leather, is the highest quality grade synthetic leather (faux leather or PU leather), a high-tech simulation of high-end leather material.

What features does Microfiber Leather has?

Microfiber leather performance is better than the real leather and the surface effect can be achieved in line with the real leather;Tear resistance, abrasion resistance, tensile strength and so on are all beyond real leather, and cold-resistant, acid proof, alkali-resisting, non-fading;Antibacterial, anti-mildew, moth-proof, without any harmful substances, very environmental, is the Green Products in the 21st century.

High utilization rate, easy to clean and Eco-friendly.

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4.Vegetable tanned leather, it is different with traditional chrome tanning.

Vegetable tanned leather, using only natural tannins, has no negative environmental impact. Chrome tanning uses a solution of chemicals, acids and salts to dye the hide.

The tanning method is ancient and requires skilled craftsmen, making vegetable tanned leather products more prestigious.

Due to the careful tanning process and the natural tannins, vegetable tanned leather develops a rich and beautiful patina, and actually gets better with time and use. It doesn’t crack or dry out and thus has a very long lifespan.

It has an earthy and natural tone and smell.

Chrome tanned leather is leather produced using a solution of chemicals, acids and salts to dye the hide. It’s cheap, quick and mass produced, typically requiring little skill from the tanners. Chrome, like any heavy metal, is extremely toxic and environmentally damaging, thus creating wastewater leftovers that are very toxic.

Our ethical team are so excited to make new ethical products, take more social responsibility.

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The human form captured in a shape

The shoe last is one of the most important items in shoe development. It is a representation form of the human foot but also takes in consideration the type of shoes being made.

Thus a last can have different attributes like the heel high or the toe shape. Different construction techniques (basically how the upper is attached to the sole) require different types of last.

The ergonomics, fit and style of the shoes are determined by the last used on its design. In the past lasts were traditionally made of hardwood or cast iron but today’s material of choice is high-density plastics which can endure the heavy machinery process in the factories and are recyclable.

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Modern lasts are designed in computers using a CAD (computer-aided design) software. However an experienced last maker can further refine the computer designed last making subtle corrections that improve the fit and comfort.

The last is not only important during the development phase. It is also used in the ‘shoe lasting’ operation during the mass production phase. This operation is part of the process that attaches the upper to the out sole.

The last is used to hold the upper in place, slightly stretching it, while the sole is permanently attached to it.

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