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Ethical fashion, also called sustainable fashion, is a movement and process of fostering change to fashion products and the fashion system towards greater ecological integrity and social justice. It comprises addressing the whole system of fashion, including interdependent social, cultural, ecological and financial systems. It also means considering fashion from the perspective of many stakeholders – users and producers, all living species, contemporary and future dwellers on earth. Sustainable fashion therefore belongs to, and is the responsibility of, citizens, public sector and private sector. A key example of the need for systems thinking in fashion Is that the benefits of product-level initiatives, such as replacing one fiber type for a less environmentally harmful option, is eaten up by increasing volumes of fashion products.


THE K HANDMADE FAMILY FACTORY has simplified what ethical fashion means by using our 2 core values:

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Ethical fashion takes into account the numerous workers that work behind the scenes to make shoe and accessories possible, from the farmers that grow the fabrics to the footwear and accessories workers stitching pieces together. Social good means fair wages, fair trade certifications and access to good working conditions. This shows a larger purpose to us outside of growth in profit and sales but towards the growth of people that make the brand possible.

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When people think of sustainable fashion, many think about the environment. By planet, we mean all things earthly, like water, the ground, and the climate. Some of you may have heard of ethical fashion brands using organic materials like organic cotton or recycled materials. These materials use much less water to grow and don’t use harmful chemicals that are sprayed on farm land. THE K HANDMADE FAMILY FACTORY ‘s innovative ethical products use ethical materials to make new trendy pieces. We consider our fabrics, threads, buttons, zippers, and where they are sourced from. We look at energy reduction, recycling, recyclable or compostable swing tags, and packaging. Some footwear are made from recycled material, others are made from vegan leather or Piriatex. This would promote industry to a circular economy.


Humans have an unfortunate tendency of acting like the Earth is an unlimited resource. It is not. Scientists have repeatedly warned about the effects of Climate Change yet fast fashion is fast than ever before. And with fashion being one of the biggest polluters, sustainable fashion has the potential of making a positive impact in the fight against the Earth’s destruction. Sustainable Fashion is important in reducing the using of water, chemicals, energy consumption and the excessive overflowing of landfills. It can help us to reduce our impact on the environment, people and animals.

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“The good news is, the future of fashion is becoming more positive every day, as the terms ethical fashion and sustainable fashion increase in popularity, and THE K HANDMADE FAMILY FACTORY begins to understand what they mean to us, to the consumers and to the society.”