Bespoke Guide

Bespoke Belt Guide

A belt is a flexible band or strap, typically made of leather or heavy cloth and worn around the waist, that is usually of less circumference than the hips underneath. Belts are used to secure or hold up clothing, like trousers or other articles of clothing, in a manner similar to suspenders and garters. It is a fashion accessory, with many colors, styles, and finishes, which can pull any outfit together. The K Family Factory provides Bespoke service for you, your bespoke leather belts are a timeless piece which will last you a lifetime. Stunning quality material combined with strong metal buckles and expert craftsmanship ensures your belt is made to last. A beautiful belt screams quality, class and taste. Your bespoke leather belt is all of these things, and more. For those smart occasions, team it with a sleek and suave suit. A pop of colour or a subtle design will add personality and charm to your look. If you are looking to jazz up a little black dress, create a design which will break up the block of colour and add extra interest to the outfit.


The following parts make up a belt: strap, buckle, frame, prong and end tip. Strap is the belt part of the belt, which covers your waist, typically made of leather. Buckle consists of a frame and a prong. Frame is a metal piece connecting to one end of the strap through which the other end of the strap passes, while prong is a metal stick that rests in the center of the frame and it goes through one of the strap’s holes. End Tip is a metal piece covering the end of the strap opposite the frame, which is not found on every belt. It is the attention to every detail, no matter how small, that goes in to the construction that makes a handmade belt so special. Traditional techniques that have been developed and refined over centuries and the finest material combine to make a belt that will last for years and years and get more beautiful with age.


When bespoke in our store, you can select the leather, the width, the buckle, the colour of the stitching and the length. As each belt is made to order in our workshop it can be altered in any way you like. Wider or additional fixed loops, brass loops, the number of holes and their spacing, extra rows of stitching, in matching or contrasting colors, loops for attaching key chains and contrasting edge dyeing are just some of the options we are happy to provide. Here is a guide of the belt bespoke process:


Tools and Materials

To start belt bespoke, the following tools should be prepared ahead of time: rolling razor, the longer the better straight edge ruler, skiver, 1 inch long strap hole punch, edge beveler, strap cutter, hole puncher, belt tip cutter or scissors, and on top the tape measure. As for materials, leather and belt buckles should be ready for starting.


Our belts are made specifically for you, to whatever length and wideness you require right down to the last 1/8 inch, so that they do up to the middle hole, no more having to make do with ill fitting standard small, medium or large belts. The belt blank is cut parallel to the spine as this has the greatest tensile strength. Many belts are cut from the shoulders perpendicular to the spine and consequently stretch more. The belt blank is cut from the strongest and most expensive part of the hide.The strap point is cut from the end of the hide nearest the tail as this is the firmest part of the leather so best able to withstand the wear of being pulled through the buckle.


Burnishing and Edge Creasing

The raw edge of the cut belt blank is very rough. It goes through a lengthy six stage process of sanding, slicking, dyeing and burnishing to produce a smooth and glossy surface that is a joy to handle. The crease line running the length of the belt is produced by a heated crease iron. The line is both decorative and functional, compressing the fibers at the edge making them more resistant to wear.

Buckle and Stitching

All of our leather belts are hand stitched with waxed linen thread. Far stronger than machine sewing, the thread passes from front to back with each stitch forming a knot. So in the unlikely event of one breaking the rest will not unravel. The corners of the buckle return are chipped off and stitched over to stop them catching and rubbing up in use. We even hand stitch the loose running loop. The stitching is never seen but we believe that every detail of our belts deserves the same care and attention, no matter how small or hidden.


Holes and Size

Belts all have 5 holes in them at are 1” apart, which is convenient for customers to choose their belt size. Five holes are made with the centre hole fitting the measurement you have provided. Your belt size is two inches larger than your pant waist size. If you wear a 34” trouser, buy a 36” belt. If your waist size is an odd number, buy a belt three inches larger instead of two. The prong should go in the middle one (the third one). The belt should finish between the first and second belt loop of your trousers.


You are going to need that tattered old belt you currently have on as well as a tape measure. Follow the steps and refer to the diagram below. On your current belt find the hole you are currently using (Letter A in the diagram). This is where you should start the tape measure. From starting point A measure the distance to the end of the buckle (Letter B in the diagram). The distance in inches between the two points is your belt size.


Each bespoke belt then undergoes a thorough final quality check. THE K HANDMADE FAMILY FACTORY has a variety of unconventional belt boxes and dust bags that can make an amazing package something even more remarkable. Custom dust bags and belt boxes is the part of our making, you can do own design with logo artwork. Many options in color, finishing, texture, shapes, sizes and magnetic lids are available.


Bespoke Delivery & Time

Please allow the bespoke item a delivery time of 8-10 weeks and free for international shipping. There will be a little color/material variations between the pictures and the finished products. As for customize belts, the made to order item is not allow to return & exchanges.


All our belts are individually made and sized to exactly fit your measurement . The edges of the belt are sealed and burnished so your belt will glide effortlessly through the loops of your trousers. All the buckles we use are cast using solid brass, as a special order buckles and keepers may be nickel plated. A beautiful leather belt is a fashion essential for men and women. Created in our store from 100% real leather and handmade by our team of skilled technicians, your own bespoke leather belt is a design that is entirely your own. This sleek and expertly made belt is both functional and fashionable and needs a place in your wardrobe.