Create Luxury Line

Design Inspiration

Design your very own shoe line:
  • What is more important: the way your shoe looks or the way it functions?
  • What materials will your use, and why?
  • What does your design say about the person who will wear it?
Design Inspiration 2

Finding inspiration is not always as simple as it sounds, whether you've been designing for years or only months.

You can get starting by making a research plan from different aspects, such as current Fashion trend, Fashion Features, trend materials and color. During this study, you will find what’s the best selling product or most popular element. You can do fashion trend forecasting through market analyze. Travelling around different countries and boutique, searching the web and Instagram, and chat with your friends or other designers will provide you more inspiration and idea. You can choose the shoe style, material, color, and heel during your market research. 

Design Inspiration 3

The next step is to transfer all your inspiration into design which is the most exciting step because you can create and design whatever you have in mind.

Footwear Specification tech pack

Once you have a completed design in your mind, you can transfer it to a tech-packs and communicate your idea to us.

A Tech Pack is all you need to get started your shoe projects with factory, it generally explains your overall design aspects in a structured format to help a manufacturer turn your designs into a finished product.


A tech pack contains a technical spec drawing with top and side views, heel designs, heel height, bottom views, measurement for each part, shape, structure, sample size, details of material to be used, color specifications for each component, Image references of hardware, placement and style of brand labels.