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Once Inspection finished and approved for shipping, our workers will pack belts with cotton bag and put into carton for shipment.


The completed belt will be with a tissue paper wrapped on hardware to prevent it from scratch and put in an cotton bag and some anti-mold desiccant will be included inside the bag to prevent it from moldy. Packing varies from brand to brand, product to product, it provides protection against atmospheric moisture, dust, damage, shocks. A completed belt packing is consist of several items.

Packing 2


Cotton bag is to protect belt from dirty and dust.


Dust bag mostly are customized with brand logo, it could be different quality like cotton, polyester or Nylon. Cotton bag are most common used for belt packing. Customized bag could be any size and color, brand logo could be added and we will make it as per different brand’s demands.


A customized cotton bag is also multi-functional. It is great for organization and keeping them separate from the rest of your items. This is especially important if your bag get muddy and dirty. Cotton bags are washable and reusable, It can also be used as makeup bag, toiletries bags and for other uses.

Packing 3


Anti-mold desiccant can be a small bag of silica gel or a sticker.


Anti-mold desiccant is used to absorb moisture content from the air, it is typically used in transport, storageof materials and products. Desiccants can be used to prevent shoes from moldy during long-time transportation, especially for sea shipment.