Quality is part of the way to satisfaction

When buying, selling or making shoes, quality is of great importance.

Professional shoe quality inspection is critical to ensure the product overall quality. Starting with the sample, a look into the assemble technique, the materials and the craftsmanship is an important step that leads to a good final product.

Later on, during the mass production in the factory, the quality inspection should follows on every step. Shoes with correctly fitting, no functional or cosmetic defects are A-grade quality. They show no production mistakes, have great workmanship and look good. The quality of the product includes the packing.

The shoe must be in the correct box with labels stating its model, color and size. The box should be clean, undamaged and in an appropriate size so the shoes don't get crushed inside. Each pair of shoes must have a left and a right in the same size, model and color.

The pair has to be symmetrical. Color and construction must match on both shoes when compared side-by-side. The upper should sit straight on the outsole. No wrinkles or glue excess where the upper meets the sole.

The inside of the shoe is also important. The lining should be clean, have no lumps or wrinkles and the inside can't have rough stitching.

A quality control system must be in place to catch any problems before they progress and the shoes are shipped.